Login Security

Login Security

Login Security allows the AdvisorEngine CRM Firm Administrator to set parameters for user login.

To access Login Security, navigate to Settings > Login Security from the Site Nav bar.

The following options may be customized:

  • Use Challenge Questions: The next time each user logs in, they will be prompted to create a challenge question and answer. They will be required to answer the question after entering their password on each login. Challenge questions and answers can be changed by a User or cleared by an Admin in User Profile > Password.
  • Use Multi-Factor Authentication: At designated intervals users will be prompted to enter a verification code delivered by email, text, or automated voice call when logging in. See the linked documentation for full details.
  • Use Password Expiration: Force Users to change passwords after a specified amount of days. Users will be unable to repeat any of their last 12 passwords.
  • Allow Forgot Password email: Allows users to click Forgot Password from the AE CRM login screen. If this option is disabled, only Administrative users can reset a user’s password if the password is forgotten.
  • Password Complexity: Toggle between the default password complexity rules or adjust custom rules to your preferences.
  • Banned Password List: Admins can upload a .txt file containing a list of passwords which will be rejected. This will only affect new passwords going forward. Users with existing passwords on the list will not be prompted to change.
    • File should be a basic text file. Use Windows Notepad or similar application.
    • Each line should contain one password to reject.
    • The overall filesize cannot exceed 25MB.
  • Allow Access by IP Address: If enabled, only Users logging in from the IP addresses specified will be allowed to access AE CRM. Select the checkbox to enable the feature and use the Add IP Address button to specify which IP Address to include as allowed. You may add as many single addresses or ranges as you need.
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