Audit Log

Audit Log

The Audit Log keeps a log of most changes made to AdvisorEngine CRM over a set span of days. From this area of the CRM you may perform the following functions:

  • View changes made to any part of your database, both the current and previous data.
  • Change the number of days to retain the log.
  • View the history of User Logins.

View Changes

To look up a particular edit within AE CRM, begin by entering the date range that you expect the change occurred. Once you’ve entered the date range, click Refresh.

Below the date range a list will populate of tables that had edits during those date ranges. Select the table that the edit you are looking for would’ve been made on.

Selecting a table will populate the grid on the right of all the edits made to that table in the date range specified. You can open the Record that the edit was associated with by clicking View Record. To view the actual changes, both the original and changed data, click View Change.

Change Log Duration

By default, the log of changes made to your database are retained for 90 days. You may edit this setting to retain between 1-365 days or indefinite.

Click Edit in the upper right to enter in a number of days to retain the log. Enter 0 (zero) to retain Audit Log data indefinitely. Click Save to enable your change and close.

User Login History

This tab displays a log of all users (dates and times) who have logged in to AE CRM. Use the right menu to save or export this list. Click the field chooser to add additional column options that may not currently displaying.

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