Adding Insurance

Adding Insurance

To add an Insurance policy to a Record in AdvisorEngine CRM, first open the Record in Record Detail view.

In the upper right, click Tools > Add Insurance and select the appropriate Insurance option from the drop-down menu. A new dialog will open for you to enter all the relevant insurance details.

The currently available Insurance types in AE CRM are:

  • Auto
  • Dental
  • Disability
  • Health
  • Home Owners
  • Life
  • Long Term Care
  • Umbrella

The available fields will vary based on the policy type selected.

Life Insurance has a special section that allows you to list the beneficiaries of the policy.

All Insurance types have an expandable section at the bottom to which you can upload insurance policy documents.

When complete, click Save at the top or bottom of the dialog to add the Insurance policy to the Record. Saved policies may be viewed from the Financials > Insurance section of a Record or globally through the Insurance Workspace from the Site Navigation bar.

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