Adding a Record Reminder (Alert)

Adding a Record Reminder (Alert)

Record Reminders (or Alerts in legacy) provide a way to call attention to important information for a Record as soon as any person in the firm opens to the Record Detail.

If you have information to note which is not important enough for a Reminder and is not suitable for an Action, see Adding Basic Notes to Records for more information.

Note: Reminders in the Record layout and Alerts in the legacy Record layout are separate features that do not sync between layouts.

Adding/Editing a Record Reminder

Any information entered into Reminders will be visible at the top of the Record Summary view.

  1. Navigate to the Record Detail view of the Record you need to add a reminder to.
  2. Hover over the Reminders box and click NEW REMINDER.
  3. Enter the Reminder text and Expiration Date if applicable.
  4. Click the save in the bottom right of the Reminders box to commit your changes.

You can also edit and remove existing reminders by clicking edit when hovering over an existing reminder.

Adding/Editing a Record Alert (Legacy)

Any information entered into the Record Alert will be visible just beneath the Record Summary (or at the top of the Record if the Record Summary is collapsed).

  1. Navigate to the Record Detail view of the Record.
  2. With the Record Summary expanded, click Edit Record.
  3. Beneath the Classifications and Tags, edit the Alert text box as needed.
  4. Click Save at the top of the Record Summary to commit your changes.
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