Adding a New Record

Adding a New Record

Prior to adding a new Record, it's important to know which information you will be storing in each Record. To help you determine which fields you should populate, AdivsorEngine Training has created the Important Fields Best Practice sheet.

Tip: The steps below allow you to add a single new Record. To add new Records in bulk, see the Record Data Import tool.
  1. Click the Add Record command. This can be found in multiple locations:
    • On the toolbar in the Record Workspace.
    • From the Site Navigation sidebar, hover over Records and choose Add New Record from the drop-down.
  2. In the new dialog that appears, enter in the required information:
    • Record Name: The identifier of the Record in your database. AdvisorEngine recommends the following naming convention:
      • One Person: LastName â€‘ FirstName.
        Example: Miller - Josephine.
      • Two People, same last name: LastName â€‘ FirstName1 and FirstName2.
        Example: Andrews - George and Sally.
      • Two People, different last names: LastName1/Lastname2 â€‘ FirstName1 and FirstName2.
        Example: Rosso/Karimani - Janet and Michael.
      • Company or Entity: CompanyName.
        Example: Northgate Partners.
    • Office: Only the Users in your firm who belong to the Office selected will have access to the Record. See Managing Record Visibility through Offices for more details.
    • Owner Group: Only the Users in your firm who belong to the selected Group will have access to the Record.
    • Editor Group: Only the Users in your firm who belong to the selected Group will be able to make changes to the Record. See Managing Record Visibility and Security through Owner and Editor Groups for more details.
    • Classification: Each Record requires at least one Classification. See Classifying and Tagging Records for more details.
  3. As needed, fill in any other information in the other tabs. All these sections can be more thoroughly populated later if needed. See Record Detail Overview, Profile Information Overview, and Contact Info Overview for more detailed information:
    • Record Information: Contains the primary contact information (address, phone, email) for the Record as well as all Classifications and Tags of how the Record relates to your firm.
    • Basic Person Information: Create one or two Persons for the Record, or link data from an existing Person.
    • Phone Numbers 1: Enter phone numbers for the Persons on the Record.
    • Mailing Addresses 1: Enter mailing addresses for the Persons on the Record.
    • Email Addresses 1: Enter email addresses for the Persons on the Record.
    • Personal Information 1: Enter details about personally identifiable information such as SSN, Driver’s License, or Passport information.
    • Interests and Favorites 1: Enter personal preferences of the Persons on the Record.
    • Engagement Information: Basic information of how your firm is engaged with the Record.
    • Employment 1: Employment details for the Persons on the Record.
    • Relationships: Define the way this Record relates to another Record in AE CRM.
    • Opportunities: Create a new business opportunity this Record presents to your firm.
  4. Use Save & Go to Record at the top or bottom to save and open the Record Details of the new Record. Alternatively, use Save & Close to save and return to the Record Workspace.

1 These tabs will be unavailable until at least one Person is added in the Basic Person Information tab.

Tip: There are additional fields where data may be stored in a Record that are not available during the initial creation. Please see Record Detail Overview for extended coverage of every area available in a Record.
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