Using the Template Kit

Using the Template Kit

This article covers creating a Document Template for AdvisorEngine CRM offline through Microsoft Word. Though this provides access to all the features and familiarity of Microsoft Word, it is a more complicated process than creating a Template online in AE CRM’s Document Editor. To create Templates right in AE CRM, see Creating New Document Templates.

Downloading the Template Kit

Before creating Templates in Microsoft Word, you must download the Template Kit.

  1. Using the Site Navigation bar, navigate to Documents > Document Templates.
  2. In the upper-right, click Download Template Kit.
  3. Download and unzip Cloud Template (The exact download and extraction process will vary based on your browser, browser settings, and operating system.)

You’ll find the following files/folders in the extracted contents:


Using the Template Kit

Open the document named Cloud Document Template Creation Guide for full instructions on how to use the contents of the kit to create your own document Templates.

Once you've successfully created your new Template doc file, use the + Upload Template button on the Document Template Workspace to add the Template to AE CRM for use.

When you upload the file, the Template Type determines which tools have access to the Template, whether Email, Letter, or Envelope/Label. Be sure to set this appropriately.

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