Saving and Using RDI Tool Mapping Templates

Saving and Using RDI Tool Mapping Templates

Using the Record Data Import Tool the first time requires you to manually match each column of your spreadsheet to AdvisorEngine CRM Fields.

However, if you plan on importing data from the same spreadsheet layout multiple times with different data, you can save all the matches and use those same mappings again next time, rather than re-mapping the entire sheet field by field.

Saving an RDI Tool Mapping Template

  1. Use the RDI Tool as normal until you have matched all the fields from your spreadsheet.
  2. In the upper left, click Templates > Save Template.
  3. Select a save location, specify a filename and click Save.

Using an RDI Tool Mapping Template

The next time you prepare a spreadsheet import, use the same column headers and layout as before with new rows of data.

  1. Run the RDI Tool and load your next spreadsheet into the tool.
  2. When you reach Step 3, click Templates > Load Template in the upper left.
  3. Locate and select the template file you saved previously. All the mappings you saved load automatically.
When you first create your mappings, the RDI Tool verifies that the data in the column matches the data type that the field is expecting. Loading mappings from a template skips this verification. If you are loading mappings from a template, be doubly sure that the data you are importing is the correct data type or you may have errors after importing into AE CRM.
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