Creating New Document Templates

Creating New Document Templates

This article covers creating a Document Template using the Online Document Editor. To see how to create Templates offline in Microsoft Word, see the article on the Template Kit.

To create a new Document Template using the Online Document Editor:

  1. Use the Site Navigation bar to navigate to Documents > Document Templates.
  2. At the top-left of the Grid, select + Create Template. The Online Document Editor opens in Template mode.
  3. Fill your template with the content and merge fields that you like. When you are finished, use Save As to save your changes.
  4. In the save dialog, select the Folder to save to, and assign an appropriate Template Name and Description 1.
  5. Assign the appropriate Template Type. This determines which Correspondence features the template will be available in.
  6. Click Save and close editor to return to the Document Template Workspace.

1 The Description is the text that identifies the template in some Correspondence features. Be sure that the Template can be identified accurately from the Description alone.

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