Document Templates Overview

Document Templates Overview

Document Templates allow you to efficiently pre-fill and pre-format emails, letters, envelopes, labels, or any other document that uses regularly repeated information or merged data.

AdvisorEngine CRM includes a number of pre-built Templates that you can use or adapt for your firm. You also have the option to create your own Templates in the Online Editor or within Microsoft Word using our offline Template Kit.

Document Templates are stored in the Document Templates Workspace. From the Site Navigation bar, select Documents > Document Templates.

The Document Templates Workspace is similar in layout and navigation to the Global Document View of the Documents Workspace, but some of the functions are different.

The following are available:

  • Navigate Templates: Templates are all stored in one of three categories: Email, Envelope/Label, or Letter. Navigate the categories with the folders on the left.
  • Create Template: Build a new Template within the Online Document Editor.
  • Upload Template: Add a Template to your database that you created with the offline Template Kit.
  • Download Template Kit: Use this kit to create Templates on your local PC through Microsoft Word.
  • Available from the quick menu on a template:
    • Edit Template Properties: Change the Description, Type, Document Tags, or Folder of the Template.
    • Edit Template Online: Open the Template in the online Document Editor to make changes.
    • Download Template: Download the Template in a .doc format for offline use or editing.
    • Delete Template: Remove the Template from your database. This cannot be undone.

The Document Template Workspace is used to manage your templates but not to put them into use. To use a Template, take advantage of one of the following features of AE CRM:

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