Orion Contact Push

Orion Contact Push

The Orion Contact Push integration allows you to send Record Contact Info changes from AdvisorEngine CRM to your Orion Contacts. This is a one-way sync that only pushes info from AE CRM to Orion.

Before beginning the contact push from AE CRM, you must obtain or create your Orion API Credentials. If you have already set up the Orion Asset Import (Unattended), these credentials are in AE CRM and will auto-populate at the appropriate step.
To ensure the best experience pushing contact info to Orion, run the Primary Contact Info Report and act on any results before synchronizing.

This article will cover the following:

  • Enabling Orion Contact Info Push
  • Connecting Records to Orion Clients and Sending Information
  • What is Synchronized

Enabling Orion Contact Info Push

Orion Contact Push is a firm-wide setting. Follow these steps to enable the function for your firm.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Firm Profile > Firm Preferences.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click Setup on the Orion line in the Integrations category.
  4. Select Enable Orion Contact Information Update.
  5. Select which types of Contact Information you want to send: Mailing Address, Phone Numbers, and/or Email Address. If none of these checkboxes are selected, no contact information will sync.
  6. Enter your API credentials in Username and Password.
  7. Click Ok.
  8. Click Save.

AE CRM now has a connection to Orion. You can begin connecting CRM Records to Orion Clients

Connecting Records to Orion Clients

Each CRM Record you want to send contact info from must be connected to its corresponding Orion Client. This can be done Record by Record by manually entering the Orion ID, or you can mass match your entire CRM Record list at once.

Matching and Updating All Records

This process will scan all Records in your AE CRM database and compare them to all your Orion clients. It will attempt to auto-match as many as it can and provide you the option to manually override the matches and pair up any that are not automatically matched. Once all matches have been made, it will push all contact info from AE CRM to Orion for every matched Record.

Automatic matches will be made based on Person 1 SSN, Person 2 SSN, or Record Primary Email.

  1. Navigate to Import > Orion Household Match. The initial auto-match scan will begin.
  2. You will receive a System Alert when the scan is complete. Click Click here to see results to continue.
  3. The first screen will show all automatic matches. Carefully check the list to ensure they are accurate. Click remove to cancel the match and move the Record to the Not Automatically Matched tab.
  4. Click Records Not Automatically Matched to view Orion Clients that were not matched.
  5. Click search to locate the CRM Record for the corresponding Orion Client.
  6. When you are finished with both sections, click Match and Update in the upper right.

All contact info types selected in setup will be pushed from AE CRM to the matching Orion Clients (this will include any Records you previously matched if you are doing this a second time). Future edits to contact info on any connected Records will be pushed automatically to Orion.

The information push does not include deletions. If you remove contact info from a CRM Record, it will remain in Orion until it is manually deleted from Orion or replaced in AE CRM.

Matching Records Individually

This process allows you to connect a single Record to its Orion counterpart manually.

  1. Navigate to the Record you want to match.
  2. Click Edit Record on the Record Summary.
  3. In the Orion ID field, enter the Household ID of the Orion Client you want to link.
  4. Click Save.

The Record is now linked to the Orion client. This process will not send the current contact info to Orion, but will send all changes made in AE CRM going forward. To send the current contact info, edit and save each area of contact info on the Record you want to send to Orion.

What Is Sent

See Record Contact Info Overview for more information on Record vs Person Contact Info.

Mailing Address

The Record Primary mailing address is sent to Orion.

Email Address

The Record Primary email address is sent to Orion.

Phone Numbers

Orion supports up to six types of Phone numbers. To determine which phone numbers to populate in which Orion types, you must set the Type correctly in AE CRM. Only Phone Numbers belonging to the Record will be sent. Any that belong to either Person on the Record will be ignored. All types except Mobile support extensions.

Orion Type Supported AE CRM Types Supports Ext
Home Home, House Yes
Work Work, Business Yes
Fax Fax Yes
Pager Pager Yes
Other Other Yes
Mobile Mobile, Cell No
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