Email and Calendar Setup

Email and Calendar Setup

Full email and calendar integration with AdvisorEngine CRM requires a one-time setup process. The basic workflow is the same regardless of your provider, but the details will vary between users of Exchange, Microsoft 365, or Google.

The Basic Process

The first step is defining the email and calendar provider at the firm level. This should be handled by your CRM Admin user. The entire firm must use the same provider; settings cannot be split between Exchange and Google, for example.

Next, each AE CRM user will configure their personal credentials within the CRM. This allows AE CRM to access the individual account and do things like send email on your behalf or show your calendar.

Finally, for full integration, Exchange and Google users will need to install and configure the Local Outlook Add-in to allow scanning and email capture of your inbox and sent items folders. (Microsoft 365 users will have this functionality available without the Add-in.)

Additionally, Microsoft 365 users can install a different add-in for Outlook Online that allows for drafting and sending email content from within Outlook.

Setup by Provider

See the following documentation for assistance in enabling email and calendar functionality. If your firm has already set up email and calendar and you are looking simply to configure a new user, you can jump to the User Setup article for your provider.

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