Email and Calendar Overview

Email and Calendar Overview

AdvisorEngine CRM provides robust email and calendar integration for easy outreach and logging of client interactions. AE CRM is compatible with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, and Google email and calendar setups. See below for a chart of which features are supported for each provider.

Features of the Email and Calendar integrations include:

Send emails directly from within AE CRM

This could be a single email to an individual client, or it could be a bulk email to a prepared distribution list. The email(s) sent are automatically stored in the Records they are sent to and a linked Action created in the system for each Record. Users of Microsoft 365 have the option of drafting emails directly within Outlook Online.

Capture emails sent and received

AE CRM allows you to automatically or manually capture emails sent and received between you and clients or contacts. Have Actions automatically created for these emails. Captured emails are stored in the CRM for later reference and can even be directly replied to within the CRM.

In most cases this will require running the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook and managing your email through Outlook. Microsoft 365 users will be able to capture email without this requirement.

View and make changes to your calendar

View and edit your calendar directly within AE CRM. New appointments may be created and even linked to Actions for easy reference.

Sync contacts

Push information back and forth between contacts and CRM Records. The direction and level of sync will depend on your email provider.

Features by Provider

The exact features available and system requirement vary depending on the provider of your Email/Calendar infrastructure. If you are unsure which provider you have, contact your IT.

Feature Exchange M365 Google
Send single emails from within AE CRM Yes Yes Yes
Send mass/mail merge emails from within AE CRM Yes Yes Yes
Reply to/Forward captured emails from within AE CRM Yes Yes Yes
Draft and send emails using Outlook Online No Yes No
Capture incoming and outgoing emails to Actions on a Record Yes 1 Yes Yes 1
Capture incoming and outgoing emails to a Record without an Action No Yes No
View and make changes to your calendar from within AE CRM Yes Yes Yes
Link Actions to calendar appointments Yes Yes Yes
Sync AE CRM Records with email contacts Export Only Yes No

1 Requires local Windows installation of Outlook and the Local Outlook Add-in.

Getting Started

When you’re ready to set up email and calendar integrations with AE CRM, see Email and Calendar Setup to get started.

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