New User Module 3-1: Email and Calendar

New User Module 3-1: Email and Calendar

Online Document Editor

Learn about the Online Document Editor used in emails, letters, and general document editing.

Online Document Editor

Microsoft 365: Emailing through Outlook Online

Common and Helpful Merge Fields

Inserting the Current Date and Time

Email and Calendar: What's Possible

Learn about all the ways AE CRM can interact with your email and calendar. Email and Calendar Overview

Email and Calendar in AE CRM: Setup

If your firm has not already set up your email connectivity within AE CRM, this section will walk you through enabling these features based on your firm’s particular email provider. Email and Calendar Setup

Sending Emails from AE CRM

Learn how to send emails directly to contacts within your CRM. Single emails to specific targets or personalized emails to a mass group.

Sending Single Emails

Sending Mass Emails

Sending Emails from Actions

Replying to or Forwarding Emails from within AE CRM

Email Signature in AE CRM

Learn how to set and use an email signature for messages sent within your CRM. Setting or Changing Your Email Signature

Email Capture

Email capture is one of the most powerful features of your CRM for keeping track of client communications. See the topics specific to your email setup.

Outlook Add-in: Email Capture Setup

Outlook Add-in: Manual Email Capture and Management

Outlook Add-in: Inbox Routing Rules

Microsoft 365: Email Capture Setup

Microsoft 365: Manual Email Capture and Management

Microsoft 365: Inbox Routing Rules

Creating Calendar Appointments

Learn about creating Calendar appointments from within your CRM and linking appointments with Actions.

Adding Calendar Appointments

Linking Calendar Appointments to Actions

Creating an Appointment from an Action

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