Contact Info Overview

Contact Info Overview

Contact information in AdvisorEnigne CRM is stored in a unique system that allows for great flexibility in communicating with and storing information for your clients. Taking the time to become familiar with the overall structure will increase engagement and effective use of your CRM.

It can also help to become familiar with how features such as Correspondence and Email Capture work in AE CRM to understand what contact information you need to store.

Record vs Person

Contact Information can be stored at the Record or the Person level. Because of the different ways the CRM can use this data, is a good idea to store information at both the Record and Person level, even if this means duplicating an address or phone number.

Contact Information Types

Email Addresses

Email addresses stored are used for email capture matching and the outgoing correspondence tools.

See Adding Email Addresses for more details.

Mailing Addresses

Mailing entries are used when creating mass printed communication, and also include mail merge fields for personalizing correspondence such as the Dear.

See Adding Mailing Addresses for more details.

Phone Numbers

Phone numbers stored are used for matches in telephony and text capture integrations.

See Adding Phone Numbers for more details.

Social Media

Store links to popular social media sites specific to the Persons on the Record. Defined links will appear in the Person summary cards in the Record Summary for quick access. Social Media links are only available at the Person level.

See Adding Social Media for more details.

Common Fields

Contact information in AE CRM contains special fields to describe its place and function. The following fields apply across all types of contact information unless otherwise indicated.

No Mail

Located at the top of the Record Contact Information section. Select this box to have the Record automatically excluded from any mass letter correspondence. Does not automatically affect email correspondence.


For each Record and Person, there is a Primary for each type of contact information (email, phone, or mailing address). For example, a Record with two Persons could have a Primary phone number for the Record, a Primary phone number for Person 1, and a Primary phone number for Person 2. If a Record or Person only has one entry for a type of contact information, it will automatically become the primary.

The Primary you indicate for the Record and for each Person is the one that displays in the Summary cards on the Record Summary Page. It is also the contact info that is used by default for mass correpsondence.


Identifies the contact information type, such as business, home, cell, fax, etc. This is the label that will show for the contact info in the Record Summary card unless a Label is defined.


A particular label for this contact info. Use this when the type is too generic. The Label will appear instead of the Type in the Summary cards when defined.

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