Creating Birthday Correspondence

Creating Birthday Correspondence

Using the Birthdays tool in AdvisorEngine CRM allows you to quickly and easily create birthday correspondence. You can send personalized emails, create letters, or just print mailing labels for the current month’s birthdays.

  1. Navigate to the Record Workspace.
  2. Click Tools > Birthdays. The Birthdays tool will open to the current month.
  3. Select the month to work with from the drop-down.
  4. Select the Records to create correspondence for using the Grid checkboxes .
  5. Select your correspondence method from the Command bar.
    • Email > Email: Send an email to each Person selected, using the Person’s primary email address.
    • Email > Email (Incl. Add'l Emails): Same as previous, but also include each email address on the Record marked Add'l.
    • Document > Letter: Create a letter document for mailing to each Person selected. This option can also include mailing labels.
    • Document > Envelope or Label Only: Create a mail merge document for printing envelopes or labels for the selected Persons.

Notes on Merge fields

Corresponding from the Birthdays tool works exactly like corresponding from any other area of AE CRM, with one change to the merge logic to allow a single template to function regardless if the birthday person is Person 1 or Person 2 on the Record.

When creating templates, use only PERSON_1 merge fields. Use RECORD fields if necessary, but do not use the PERSON_2 fields. Person 1 fields will automatically be filled with the person who has the birthday regardless of if they are actually Person 1 or Person 2. Person 2 merge fields will result in incorrect entries.

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