Linking Documents to Actions

Linking Documents to Actions

AdvisorEngine CRM gives you the ability to link Documents to Actions. When viewing the Action, the Document will be referenced and may be opened directly from the Action once it is linked.

When linking a Document to an Action, you have the option of creating a new Document from scratch, uploading a Document from your computer, or linking to a Document already stored in the Record’s Document folders.

When Editing an Action, select Documents in the Linked list.

Note: If you do not see the Linked line in the Action Details, be sure you are using the Detailed view of the Action, not the Standard.

A Grid appears listing the Documents already attached to the Action. There are three options for manually adding a linked document, Create, Upload, or Link Existing.

  • Create: Build a new document from scratch and link it to the Action. See Creating New Documents for further details on creating documents in AE CRM.
  • Upload: Upload a new document to the Record and link it to this Action. See Uploading Documents for further details on the uploading process.
  • Link Existing: Brings up a Grid of all documents stored in the Record. Select the document(s) to link from the Grid and click Attach & Close to link.

See Linking Items to Actions for the general behavior of how linked items work with Actions.

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