Changing Grid Defaults

Changing Grid Defaults

Every Grid in AdvisorEngine CRM has a system default view. These defaults can be customized to your firm’s preferences.

Before adjusting your defaults, please note the following:

  • The default view for a Grid is a firm-wide setting. Changes will affect all users.
  • Each Grid stores its own defaults. Each unique Grid (such as the Records Workspace or Assets Workspace) will need to have its defaults adjusted individually.

Changing the default settings for any Grid:

  1. Use Grid Features, Searches, or both to customize a Grid.
  2. Click Save as Template from the right of the Grid.
  3. Give the new default template a name.
  4. Click Save as Default.
    • Optional: Select the Include Search checkbox to store any active search criteria with your Grid template.

If Save as Default is not available as an option, it may have been disabled through Feature Security.

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