Grids Overview

Grids Overview

Grids are one of the primary methods of displaying data in AdvisorEngine CRM. Although the purpose and defaults for each Grid may differ, they all retain similar functionality. Being able to organize the data presented to you in a Grid will greatly increase your effective use of the CRM.

Every Grid in AE CRM can be customized to more easily view the data you are interested in. Take advantage of the following features to truly master your data:

  • Navigating Grids: Learn how to get around your Grids.
  • Customizing Columns: Adjust the size, order, and choice of your columns.
  • Filtering: See only what you want to see based on the contents of one or more columns.
  • Grouping: Gather together the contents of a Grid based on the unique values of one or more columns.
  • Sorting: Change the order of your data based on a particular column.
  • Searching: Specify criteria to limit which results show in the current Grid.
  • Exporting Grid Contents: Extract the data in a Grid to a CSV file for use with Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet application.
  • Creating and Using Grid Templates: Save the customizations you’ve made to a Grid and quickly restore that view later.
  • Changing Grid Defaults: Adjust the default settings for any Grid for your firm.
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