Establishing Relationships Between Records

Establishing Relationships Between Records

AdvisorEngine CRM allows you to relate a Record to any number of other Records for purposes of keeping the relationships between the Records easily identified. For example, you could relate a parent’s Record to the children’s Records, a CPA’s Record to the client’s, or a trust’s Record to the beneficiaries. Every Relationship created is a two-way link that will appear in both Records once established.

  1. Open one of the Records in the Relationship pair you want to establish.
  2. Navigate to Details > Relationships.
  3. Click Add Relationship. A new sub-window opens.
  4. In the Search for Person or Entity Record box, enter search criteria to locate the Record you want to relate to.
  5. Select the Record from the results box.
  6. Select an option from How is this record related to what you selected? drop-down.
    • For example, if you were on George Andrews Record and had selected his son’s Record from the search results, you would select Parent here. (The options in this list can be changed in List Maintenance.)
  7. Select an option from How is what you selected related to this record? drop-down. This will be the reciprocal relationship of what you chose in the previous drop-down.
  8. Fill in any of the optional fields as needed.
  9. Click Save to establish the new Relationship. You are returned to the Relationships Grid and see the new Relationship entry populate.
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