Printing Records

Printing Records

AdvisorEngine CRM has the capability to generate a printable report of a Record, containing the details of whichever Record sections you wish to include.

  1. Navigate to the Record you want to print.
  2. In the upper-right, select Tools > Reports > Record Summary. (In the Legacy Record layout, select Reports > Record Summary from the toolbar.) A new tab will open.
  3. By default, the report will populate with only the Record Summary, Contact Info, and Reminders sections of the Record. Use the Report Items sidebar to include additional Record information. (The Record Detail location may vary slightly in the legacy layout.)
  4. Field Option Record Detail Location
    Reminders Record Summary
    Important Information Notes Notes > Important Information
    Billing Notes Notes > Billing
    Account Review Notes Notes > Account Review
    Classifications Record Summary
    Tags Record Summary
    Personal Info Details > Profile Information
    Employment Details > Employment
    Interests and Favorites Details > Interests & Favorites
    Engagement Details > Profile Information and Financials > Financial Engagement
    Relationships Details > Relationships (will include both Relationships and Informational Contacts)
    Assets Financials > Asset/Liability
    Liability Financials > Asset/Liability
    Insurance Financials > Insurance
    Opportunity Opportunities
    Revenue Financials > Revenue
    Recurring Actions Workflows > Recurring Action Definition (active definitions only)
    Actions Workflows > Record Actions (for dates specified below)
    Action Entered Date From/Action Entered Date To Specify the range of Actions to include if Actions are included in the report.
  5. After selecting your Report Items, click View Report at the bottom of the sidebar to refresh the report contents.
  6. Review the contents and either print the report or use the Save As command to export the report to a document format.
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