Linking a Person to More than One Record

Linking a Person to More than One Record

Every Record in AdvisorEngine CRM can contain one or two Persons, but a Person is not limited to appearing in only one Record. By linking a Person to multiple Records, all the Person-level data tied to the Person can appear in as many Records as you would like.

Note: This is a link, not a copy. A change to the Person-level data in any Record will be reflected in all Records the Person is linked to.

Linking a Person to more than one Record can be accomplished through the following methods:

  • Add (link) an existing Person to an existing Record. See below for details.
  • Add (link) an existing Person when creating a new Record. See Adding a New Record.
  • Create a copy of a Record, which automatically links all Persons to the new Record copy. See Copying Records.

Linking an Existing Person to an Existing Record

  1. Navigate to the Record Details view of the Record. This cannot be done on Records that already have two Persons.
  2. Click the add control on the right of the Record/Person cards. The Enter Person Information window opens.
  3. Click Link Existing.
  4. Select the Relationship To Record (how is the Person you are adding associated to the Record?) for the Person to be added to the Record.
  5. Use the Last Name search box to find the existing Person to link.
  6. Select the existing Person from the search results.
  7. Click Save to link the Person to the Record.

Setting the Primary Record for a Linked Person

Every Person linked to more than one Record will have one of those Records designated as the Primary Record. In certain AE CRM functions, such as corresponding with the Birthday tool, only the Primary Record will receive the associated Action.

The Primary Record for a linked Person defaults to the Record the Person was created in. Follow the steps below to change the Primary Record if needed.

  1. Navigate to the Details > Profile Information view of a Record containing a linked Person.
  2. Click on the Primary Record field for the Person.
  3. Adjust the drop-down as needed and click to commit your change.
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