TD to Schwab Transition Resources

TD to Schwab Transition Resources

This page contains information to help you with the TD to Schwab conversion weekend and following. Please check back regularly for updates.

Asset Import Conversion Weekend Timeline

If you previously imported TD assets and have provided AdvisorEngine Support with your TD to Schwab asset map prior to the transition weekend, here is the timeline:

  • Fri, Sept 1: Take screenshots of a few TD accounts in the CRM so you can verify accurate conversion later.
  • Sat, Sept 2: Our team updated your data. No action needed.
  • Sun, Sept 3: Have someone from your firm log in to review the accounts you selected. Confirm that the TD account number has been updated to reflect the corresponding Schwab account number and that the custodian has been updated to reflect Schwab. Then, send a quick note to AE Support confirming the accounts look good or providing details on any issues.
  • Tue, Sept 5: Have your users log in and check accounts, if desired.
  • Wed, Sept 6: Since accounts reflect the prior business day, Wednesday is the first day Schwab data is shown after the conversion (reflecting Tuesday - the first business day post-conversion).
    • If you use an unattended asset import, you can expect your Schwab account data to show up automatically.
    • If you use one of the other asset imports, we recommend running the import on Wednesday, September 6, to finish updating your accounts in the CRM.

Schwab Integration Overview

Good news! The Schwab integration works similarly to the TD Ameritrade integration you are familiar with, but has even more features.

Features TD integration Schwab integration
Alerts Create workflows automatically Create workflows automatically 1
Digital Account Opening N/A Pass Person information directly to Schwab Digital Account Opening
Account/Asset Sync N/A Schwab Advisor Center (SAC) Account - Record Matching

1 If you are currently using the TD Alerts integration and plan to move to the Schwab Alerts integration, please see the process below for a smooth transition.

Here are a few resources about the Schwab integration parts:

Tips for a smooth transition:

  • Select a person at your firm to work with AdvisorEngine through the transition process.
  • Check out the TD/Schwab Institutional Information Hub for transition updates not related to AdvisorEngine.

Our team is committed to supporting you throughout the transition. For additional questions, please contact our Support Team at

Moving from TD to Schwab Alerts Integration

Although the functionality between the integrations is largely the same, TD and Schwab use different Alerts and therefore the workflow mappings to the Schwab alerts must be manually assigned when moving over.

Check your workflow templates

Inspect your workflow templates for any changes that will need to be made in wording or directions for the Schwab changeover. Implement any changes in the affected workflows.

Set Schwab Alert Mappings

  1. Navigate to Settings > Firm Profile > Firm Preferences.
  2. Click Edit in the upper right.
  3. Click Setup on the Schwab OpenView Gateway™ SAC Alert - AdvisorEngine CRM Workflow line.
  4. In the Workflow Matching box at the bottom, set your matching preferences based on the notes of your current TD setup.
  5. Click Save and Save to commit your changes.
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