Handling Web Form Responses (Prospect Grid)

Handling Web Form Responses (Prospect Grid)

After you’ve completed Web Form Setup and Published a Web Form, you are ready to monitor the Prospects Workspace for incoming Web Form submissions.

Because having a publicly-available form can solicit junk or spam entries, AdvisorEngine CRM provides the Prospect Workspace for you to validate entries before they are added as full Prospect-type Records for you to work with.

Monitoring the Prospects Workspace

Every time someone fills out and submits an entry on your website using the Web Form, a new entry will appear in the Prospects Workspace. There are no alerts or indicators that a submission has been received; users will need to periodically check the Grid for new entries.

Each entry has a pop-out menu to act on the entry with two options: Promote Prospect or Delete Prospect.

If a Web Form submission is spam or junk, you can remove it by selecting Delete Prospect. This cannot be undone.

See below for full details around promoting a Prospect to a Record.

Deleting or Promoting can also be done on multiple entries simultaneously by selecting the checkboxes and using the appropriate command from the Tools drop-down in the Command Bar.

Prospects? Prospect Record?

It can be tempting to want to do more with the information in the Prospect Workspace before promoting the entry to a Record. The purpose of the Prospect Workspace is simply to validate form entries as legitimate Prospects before you begin working with them.

Remember, Records can serve many purposes and are not just for Client data.

Once you’re sure the form entry is valid and you want to engage with the Prospect, you’ll want to promote them to a full Record with a Classification of Prospect (or similar) so you can start capturing full information, tracking Actions, and Corresponding with the entry.

Promoting Prospects to Records

If a Web Form entry is valid and contains information you want to follow up on, you’ll promote the entry to a full Record.

Before a user can promote a Web Form entry, the Web Form Defaults must be configured in the User Profile.

When a Web Form Prospect is promoted to a Record, the following occurs:

  • The Record Name is set from the First and Last Name of Participant 1.
  • For each Participant in the Web Form, a Person is added to the Record with the details entered from the Web Form.
  • The Office, Owner Group, Editor Group, and Classification from the User Defaults are applied.
  • A Tag of PromotedProspect is applied.
  • Any other fields collected in the Web Form are applied to the appropriate Record fields.

Follow Up With Your New Records

At this point you have a new Record (or more) to begin working with. Since each new Record created has the PromotedProspect Tag, you can use a Quick Search to quickly view the new Records in the Record Workspace.

Once you have checked your new Records, cleaned up any incoming data, and added any new information needed to keep in line with your firm’s data practices, we recommend removing the PromotedProspect Tag, so as not to confuse the finished Record with the next batch of incoming prospects.

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