Web Forms Setup and Defaults

Web Forms Setup and Defaults

Before diving into using Web Forms, there is some basic setup that must be performed.

Setting Access

By default, the Web Forms feature is available to all users. This includes the Web Form builder and Propsect Workspace. If you’d like to restrict access to a certain group of users, you can do so in Feature Security. This is an optional change.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Feature Security from the Site Navigation bar.
  2. Click Edit in the upper right.
  3. Navigate to the Settings category.
  4. Adjust the Group drop-down to the User Group that should have access to the feature.

Imported Record Defaults

When a Web Form entry is submitted, it is evaluated within the Prospects Workspace. If the entry is promoted to a Record, there are additional required fields that need to be added to make it a valid Record.

Each User that manages the Prospects Workspace will need to set defaults of how these fields should be filled when promoting Prospects to Records. This is done in the User Profile. Users will not be able to promote Prospects to Records until their defaults are set.

To set your default required fields:

  1. From within AE CRM, navigate to User Profile > User Preferences.
  2. Click Edit to begin making changes.
  3. Click Setup on the Prospect Defaults line.
  4. In the new dialog, set the defaults for the required fields, Office, Owner Group, Editor Group, and Classification.
  5. Click Ok to close the dialog and Save in the upper right to commit your changes.

Every Propsect promoted to a Record by the User will have these field settings applied, in addition to a Tag of PromotedProspect. See Handling Web Form Responses for more details.

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