AdvisorEngine Wealth Platform Single Sign On and Direct Links

AdvisorEngine Wealth Platform Single Sign On and Direct Links

Firms who use both the AdvisorEngine CRM and Wealth Platform can enable contextual links within the CRM to link directly to relevant locations in the Wealth Platform without needing to open a new tab, log in seperately, and search for the related data.

Enabling the Wealth Platform Integration

The integration link between the Wealth Platform and the CRM is controlled from the Wealth Platform. See Enabling the AdvisorEngine CRM Integration in the Wealth Platform knowledge base for details.

SSO Tile

From within the CRM, a user can directly navigate to their default Wealth Platform landing page using either of the following methods:

  • The Wealth Platform tile on the CRM home screen.
  • From Integrations > AdvisorEngine Wealth Platform on the Site Navigation bar.

Direct Client Link

If the AdvisorEngine CRM Client/Record Sync is enabled in the Wealth Platform and a Person has been matched to a Client in the Wealth Platform, it is possible to go directly from the Record in CRM to the Client in the Wealth Platform.


  • The Client/Record Sync must be enabled in the Wealth Platform.
  • The CRM Person must be linked to a Wealth Platform Client.
  • The Person card configuration must have the Integrations item.
  • You must not be using the Legacy Record view.

When all of the above criteria are met, click Open Wealth Platform on the Person card to open directly to the Client profile Overview tab in the Wealth Platform for the linked Client.

Account Link

Further contextual links are available from within an asset detail view, provided the account information came over using the Wealth Platform Position Sync integration.

From the Asset Detail view, a drop-down is available between the Financial Account Information and Account Information sections. Select one of the options to be taken directly to the indicated section of the Wealth Platform:

  • Financial: Account profile Financial tab.
  • Documents: Account profile Operations tab at the Documents widget.
  • Performance: Account profile Performance tab.
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