Laserfiche-Cities Digital: Create, Upload, and Link Documents

Laserfiche-Cities Digital: Create, Upload, and Link Documents

Files may be linked between AdvisorEngine CRM and Laserfiche so that they appear in the CRM document grid, but reside in your Laserfiche document storage.

Documents may be added/linked in one of two ways:

  • Add an entirely new document (the document will be stored in Laserfiche and appear in AE CRM).
    • This includes captured emails, see below for full details.
  • Link AE CRM to a document already existing in Laserfiche.
Any file with a period (.) in the filename will fail to link.

Adding a New Document

New documents added within AE CRM will automatically be stored in the Record’s Laserfiche folder and an entry for the item will show as a normal document in the CRM document Grid.

This includes documents created in or added to AE CRM through the following methods:

When added, the filename and description will appear in AE CRM as usual, but the document itself will reside within Laserfiche in the Record’s folder and be accessible from there.



Note that currently doc and docx files cannot be edited within AE CRM when they are stored within Laserfiche. These must be downloaded from Laserfiche, edited, and re-uploaded.

Emails with attachments will have the attachment also stored separately within AE CRM in the Email folder. Though the msg file stored in Laserfiche contains the attachment as well, this allows you quick access to attachments as needed. (Attaching a document from your CRM DM will not create a new copy of the document.)
Due to a current system limitation, emails created from within an Action using Send Email ActionEmail.png will not store in Laserfiche but rather in AE CRM only.

Link AE CRM to an Existing Laserfiche Document

When going through the Upload Document dialog, whether in the Document tab or in the Link Document section of Actions, Insurances, or the like, you can choose to include a document currently stored in the Record’s Laserfiche folder.

When using the Upload File button from any of these areas, click Link from DM.


Browse your Laserfiche folders to identify the document you want to link. Click the checkbox on the document’s row and click Link & Close to return to the Upload File dialog.


Finish filling in any necessary details and click Save & Close to link the document.


The linked document will appear in the CRM document Grid with a Laserfiche link filename and a Description of the original filename from Laserfiche.


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