Fidelity Integration

Fidelity Integration

AdvisorEngine CRM can SSO (Single Sign On) from the AE CRM home screen to Fidelity Wealthscape, and from linked CRM accounts to the Fidelity Account. To set up the integration the following steps must be completed:

  1. Request the Integration through Fidelity
  2. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for AE CRM
  3. Enable and authenticate Fidelity per User

Once completed, the integration is ready for use. See Account Integration below for details of what is possible at the Account level once the integration is established.

Request the Integration Through Fidelity

Within Fidelity, initiate a Service Request through the Service Center.

  • Navigate to Service Menu > Service Center > Initiate Service Request (select a master account) > User Access & Entitlements > Add or Modify Access.
  • Set Inquiry Type: Third Party
  • Add Attachment: Fill out, sign, and attach the User Access Request Form for Integration Services (obtained from Fidelity). Be sure to specify this connection is for "AdvisorEngine CRM".
  • You will receive an email from Fidelity Brokerage Open Platform through DocuSign.
  • Follow instructions to review and e-sign the included forms. The forms you receive to complete may vary based on what is already on file for your firm. Please contact your Fidelity Relationship Manager with any questions or concerns about the documents.

Once completed, Fidelity will contact AdvisorEngine to enable the integration for your Firm. AE Support will reach out to you to confirm the integration is available. You will not be able to proceed with Step 3 below until this is done.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for AE CRM

Fidelity requires that Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) be enabled for your firm in AE CRM to set up and use the Fidelity integration. When MFA is enabled, users must enter a code which is sent by text message at each login.

If MFA is not yet enabled for your firm, please reference the following help article on how to set up and use Multi-Factor Authentication:

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enable and Authenticate Fidelity per User

Each user that wishes to make use of the Fidelity integration must enable the feature through their User Profile in AE CRM and then enter their Fidelity credentials on first use.

Navigate to User > View Profile > User Preferences.

Click Edit in the upper right, then Setup on the Fidelity line. Finally, select the appropriate Fidelity site for your use.

  • Wealthscape NFS: Streetscape
  • Wealthscape FBS: Wealth Central

Be sure to Save these changes in the upper right before navigating from the User Preferences page.

After saving this change, the Fidelity tile will appear on the AE CRM Home screen and become an option from the Integrations menu of the Site Navigation.

The first time this tile is selected, the User will be prompted to enter their Fidelity Wealthscape credentials. Future uses of the tile will automatically take the User to their default Fidelity Wealthscape homepage.

Account Integration

Additionally, information on specific accounts may be accessed directly from the details page of an Asset in AE CRM. Three criteria must be met for the integration to function:

  • The Account must exist in AE CRM as part of the Record’s Assets.
  • The Custodian of the Account must be set to Fidelity.
  • The Account number must match the account in Fidelity, having no spaces or dashes.

You will then be able to access a number of Fidelity Wealthscape functions directly from the Account using the Wealthscape drop-down list on the Asset details page.

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