Importing Revenue

Importing Revenue

AdvisorEngine CRM allows you to import Revenue generated by your clients through a spreadsheet import tool. The steps below will show you how to prepare your spreadsheet and bring it into your CRM database.

Preparing your Revenue Spreadsheet

The Revenue Import tool allows you to specify to AE CRM which columns of your spreadsheet represent which data. This means that the layout of your spreadsheet, column headers, and number of columns are largely irrelevant. This allows you to use spreadsheet exports from almost any software as needed. The following are the only requirements for your spreadsheet:


  • The spreadsheet must be saved in CSV format.
  • Your spreadsheet must have column headers and each must be unique (two columns cannot have the same label).
  • Only one Revenue entry per row.


  • One column for matching each entry to a CRM Record. This column must contain only one of the following types of data:
    • Account Number: Must match an account number on the Record.
    • SSN: Must match the Person 1 or Person 2 SSN in the Profile > Personal > Personal Information section of the Record.
    • Record ID (UIRecordID): Must match the Record ID that shows in the Record Summary box of the Record. Also shows in the Records Workspace Grid as the UIRecordID column.
  • One column for the date of each Revenue entry.
  • One column for the amount of each Revenue entry.
  • One column for the type of each Revenue entry1.
  • Optional: One column for a text note about each entry.
1 Every unique entry in this column must have an exact match (spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc.) in the Revenue Type list in List Maintenance. Any unmatched entry will cause the import to fail.

Running a Revenue Import

  1. Starting from the Site Navigation bar, navigate to Import > Revenue Import.
  2. Select which data type you will use to match your Revenue entries: Account Number, SSN, or Record ID.
  3. Click Choose File and select your prepared import spreadsheet. The Choose Matching Criteria window will open.
  4. Using the drop-down lists, select which columns from your spreadsheet apply to the available import fields. The Note field is optional and may be left blank.
    • Optional: Using Ctrl+Click select only the Revenue Types you want to import. All others will be ignored.
  5. Click Save to preview your import results.
  6. Optional: Adjust any settings for the import as needed:
    • By default Revenue import appends all imported data to all existing Revenue entries in AE CRM. To clear out any existing entries between the Min Date and Max Date of the import instead, click Set Revenue Import Behavior in the upper left and change the behavior setting.
    • If needed, select Change negative revenue to positive.
  7. Scan the File Information, Importable Matched Rows Grid, and the Import Summary sections to ensure that the data to be imported is what you expected.
  8. Click Import to commit the changes to your database.
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