Configuring the Record Layout

Configuring the Record Layout

Using the New Record Layout, the top navigation, fields in the Record and Person Summary Cards, and the available widgets may be customized at both the Firm and User level.

Firm-level Configuration

Access to firm-level configuration is controlled by the Feature Security setting Show Configure Firm Record Layout.

To configure the default Record Layout for the entire firm, navigate to Settings > Record Layout Configuration from the left side Site Navigation bar.

To allow users to override the default configuration and create their own layouts, enable the Allow firm to customize layout toggle at the top of the page and click Ok to save changes.

User-level Configuration

If enabled above, individual users can configure the Record Layout for their own use by opening any Record and navigating to Tools > Record Settings > Configure Record Layout. Changes made will only affect that User.

Record Layout Configuration

Whether editing for the Firm or User, the interface and available options are the same.

Configuring Record Navigation Options

Record Navigation options may be hidden by hovering on an item and clicking .

To restore an item to the navigation, click the name of the item from the Navigation drop-down on the left.

Summary and Details may not be removed.

Utility Bar Configuration

Here you can choose whether or not to show the Service Level configuration option on the Utility Bar at the top of a Record.

Summary Card Configuration

To edit the contents of the Record or Person Summary Cards, hover over either card and click Configure.

The following options are available from this page:

  • Adding a field: Locate the field in the Available list on the left and either click the field or drag it into the main list.
  • Removing a field: Click the delete control or drag a field from the main list to the Available list on the left to remove it from the configuration. Record Name and Classifications may not be removed from the Record Card. First Name and Last Name may not be removed from the Person Card.
  • Reordering Fields: Click and drag any field in the list to change its order.
  • Top-level Fields: Record Type on the Record Summary and Relationship to Record, Nickname, Prefix, and Suffix on the Person Summary are special fields. They can be added and removed but the locations are fixed at the top of the card. These fields do not contribute to the 15 field limit on each card.

See Record Summary Overview for more details on the available fields.

There is a limit of 15 total fields on the Summary Cards.

Configuring Widgets

The activity widgets below the Summary Cards may be rearranged by dragging and dropping them to their desired location.

To remove a widget, click Remove on the widget or drag it to the left content bar.

To add a removed widget back, click the name on the left content bar.

Saving Changes

When you are done making changes to the Record Layout, click SAVE in the bottom right. You may close the configuration tab at any time after saving.

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