List Maintenance

List Maintenance

With few exceptions, the contents of the drop-down lists within AdvisorEngine CRM can be customized through List Maintenance.

Navigate to Settings > List Maintenance.

Drop-down lists that can be customized are listed in the top Grid alphabetically. Locate the list you wish to modify and click on that row.

All the options currently contained in that list will appear in the lower Grid. From here you can add to, edit, or delete list options.

Not every list can be edited. These lists will not appear in the top window.
Some list fields contain default options that cannot be edited or deleted. These built-in options will not have edit or delete buttons listed in the lower Grid.

Existing options are displayed and may be modified by clicking Edit in the Commands column. Editing an existing item will change it wherever it is in use.

You may remove options by clicking Delete . You may be unable to remove items that are in use in the CRM.

To add a new option, click + ADD above the lower Grid. An empty row will appear in the lower Grid. Enter in a Value and a Description, then click Add at the end of the row to save your option.

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