Adding Income or Expenses

Adding Income or Expenses

AdvisorEngine CRM allows you to track client income and expenses in one location for budgeting purposes. To view or log regular Income or Expenses, navigate to the Financials > Income/Expenses section of a Record.

Note that the Income and Expenses Grid only display one year at a time.

Click Add New Income or Add New Expense to add to the currently selected year. An empty row appears for you to enter information in the fields.

The following fields are available:

  • Income/Expense Type: Defines where the income/expense originates from.
  • Description: Additional details needed to describe the income/expense.
  • Amount: Use this and the Frequency column to define the amount of the income or expense.
  • Frequency: How often the Amount listed is added/deducted.
  • AttribueTo: Applies to Person 1, Person 2, or Joint.

Note that the Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually columns populate automatically based on the data in Amount and Frequency.

Click Add to save your data.

To edit/delete an income or expense, use the Edit and Delete controls next to each row after they have been added.

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