Updating or Deleting an Opportunity

Updating or Deleting an Opportunity

To update or delete an Opportunity, first open the detail view of the Opportunity you wish to modify, then click the Edit button in the upper-right corner.

When updating an Opportunity, some new fields are available that are not present when Adding the Opportunity initially. First, see Adding an Opportunity for a detailed description of the purpose of the original fields. The bulk of the changes will be made and logged in the Status section.

The following additional fields are available when editing an Opportunity:

Basic Information

  • All fields here are the same as when adding an Opportunity; but note that the Status field is moved to the Status section below.

Projected and Actual Revenue

  • Actual Recurring Revenue, Non-Recurring Revenue, and Asset Value: Used to enter the actual values if the Opportunity is secured so the projected and actual may be compared.
  • Years of Contract: Length of the contract, should the Opportunity be secured.


  • Status: The current status of the Opportunity, ie In Progress, Pending, Lingering. These options may be changed in List Maintenance.
  • Won/Lost: When a definite answer is reached, enter whether the Opportunity was won or lost.
  • Reason Lost: If the Opportunity was lost, log the reason here. These options may be changed in List Maintenance.
  • Completed By: Which User ended this Opportunity.
  • Date Completed: The date on which the Opportunity was ended.
  • Completed: Checking this box will mark the Opportunity as ended, whether won or lost.
  • Status Grid: Each time the Status field is changed and the Opportunity saved below, this Grid will log the change and the User who changed it.


  • There are no additional fields in Edit view that are not available in New view.

When editing is complete, be sure to click Save.

Deleting an Opportunity

To Delete an Opportunity, scroll to the bottom right of the Opportunity Detail and click Delete Opportunity. You will be asked to confirm the deletion before it takes effect.

As with everything in your CRM, use this option sparingly; such as only when an Opportunity was created in error. Lost or cooled Opportunities should remain logged in the system as such.
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