Opportunities Overview

Opportunities Overview

All potential new business can be captured as an Opportunity in AdvisorEngine CRM. Each Opportunity is associated with a Record. Opportunities can be viewed globally or at the Record level.

The Opportunities Workspace is accessed from the Site Navigation bar or the Home Screen tile.

By default the Opportunities Workspace shows a global list of all Opportunities entered into your database.

The Opportunities menu also contain quick links to helpful pre-filtered Grids of Opportunities showing Opportunities marked as Open, Opportunities owned by the current User, and the last 20 Opportunities viewed by the current User.

When in the Opportunities Workspace, click on any row from the Grid to open the detail of the Opportunity within its associated Record.

You may also view a Grid of Opportunities associated only with a particular Record. Open a Record and then proceed to the Opportunities section of the Record Navigation.

See Adding an Opportunity for more information on creating and using Opportunities.

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