Sharing Dashboards

Sharing Dashboards

Sharing a Dashboard allows one user to create a Dashboard layout that can be viewed by other selected users in AE CRM.

You must have at least one dashboard created or shared to you in order to share to others.

If a shared dashboard is owned by someone who will no longer be responsible for the dashboard, you can Transfer Dashboard Ownership if needed.

Sharing Dashboards

Begin by navigating to the dashboard you want to share.

  1. Select Tools > Share.
  2. Set your sharing options.
    • Select to share with Select Members or Everyone.
    • If sharing with select Members, use the drop-down and selections to specify which people, user groups, or offices should have access. Click ADD for each sharing rule you create.
  3. Select whether to Notify people after sharing. Recipients will see a notification in the Dashboard button on the Site Navigation.
  4. Click SHARE to send out the shares.

Shared Dashboard Status and Editing Shares

To view which Dashboards you are sharing with whom and edit shares, navigate to the All Dashboards page (Dashboards > All Dashboards from the Site Navigation).

The All Dashboards view shows each dashboard you have access to and whom they are shared with.

To edit a share, click the more menu > Share.

Viewing Shared Dashboards

Shared Dashboards can be initially accessed through the site navigation pop-out menu under Dashboards. All Dashboards shared with you will show under the Shared with me section. If the user who shared chose to notify recipients, an indicator will show that this is a new share.

You can also view all shared dashboards from the All Dashboards page. You may also remove a Shared Dashboard from your view using the All Dashboards page by clicking > Remove shared dashboard. Note that if you remove a shared dashboard, it will need to be re-shared with you if you need access again.

Shared Dashboards are View Only. Only the Dashboard owner can make changes. To customize a shared dashboard you must first make a copy of the shared dashboard that is owned by your user (Tools > Make a copy).

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