Creating and Customizing Dashboards

Creating and Customizing Dashboards

The first time you load the Dashboards page, you are prompted to create a Dashboard for your own use. You can either create your own layout from the available cards, or you can choose a curated template developed by AdvisorEngine and tweak it to your needs if necessary. See below for more details.

To add an additional Dashboard after you have at least one active, click + Create New Dashboard while you are in the Dashboard workspace.

Creating a Dashboard

When creating a new Dashboard you are loaded into the Dashboard customization mode. If you selected a curated template, a number of the Cards will be pre-selected for you. If you are starting from scratch, you will need to choose the Cards for yourself.

Selecting Cards

To add another card to the Dashboard layout, click + ADD A CARD and select the Card to add. For a complete listing of available Cards and details, see Dashboard Cards Library.

Arranging Cards

To change the order of Cards, hover over a card then click and drag it to a new location. The remaining cards will automatically rearrange as you move.

Resizing Cards

Click and drag any card from the bottom-right corner to resize the Card to show more or less data. Note that most cards have a maximum and minimum size.

Duplicating Cards

To add a copy of a card to your Dashboard layout, click Duplicate in the bottom-left corner when hoverering over a Card.

Removing Cards

To remove a Card from your Dashboard layout, click Delete in the bottom-left corner when hoverering over a Card.

Renaming Your Dashboard

To change the name of your dashboard, click edit next to the name at the top. Click save to confirm your changes.

Saving Your Changes

When you have configured the Dashboard to your liking, click Create Dashboard (or Save if you are editing an existing Dashboard).

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