Dashboards Overview

Dashboards Overview

AdvisorEngine CRM contains a robust, customizable dashboard experience. Through the dashboard visualization cards available you can see where your firm has been, what you need to see for your day ahead, and data that will help plan your long-range strategy.

Dashboards Overview

Dashboards can be accessed by clicking Dashboard from the Site Navigation bar at any time.

On first load, you are prompted to create your first dashboard. You can either create a Dashboard from scratch, selecting and arranging only the visualization cards you want, or you can start from a suggested dashboard template. See Creating and Customizing Dashboards for more details.

If you have one or more Dashboards created, clicking Dashboard from the Site Navigation bar takes you to your default Dashboard. Alternatively you can hover over Dashboard and select any of your existing dashboards from the pop-out list.

You can also choose All dashboards from the pop-out to be taken to a page listing all your dashboards and all dashboards shared with you.

Once you have your first Dashboard up and running, see below for details on navigation and daily use.

Dashboard Features and Use


A Dashboard is a collection of data visualization Cards that have been arranged to suit your needs. Each Dashboard can hold up to 12 Cards.


The Cards are the place where the data of your Dashboard displayed. Most cards are interactive, offering multiple views you can switch through, data you can click on to drill down further, or other options to customize how your data is displayed.

See Dashboards Card Library for details on all the available Cards, the data requirements of each, and how they may be customized.

Renaming Cards

If you want to have more than one instance of a Card in your dashboard set with different default filters, you can rename the Cards to better identify which data set you are looking at.

On the card, click More > Rename Card to change the Card title.

Switching Dashboards

If you have more than one Dashboard defined, click the Dashboard name to open a drop-down allowing you to select which Dashboard you want to view.

Pinning Dashboards/Set as Default

If you have more than one Dashboard defined, click to set the active Dashboard as the default to show when you first navigate to the Dashboards workspace.

Edit Dashboard

Each Dashboard can be renamed and Cards added, removed, moved, or resized to suit your needs. Once you enter edit mode, the functionality is identical to creating a new dashboard. See Creating and Configuring Dashboards for further details.

Sharing Dashboards

Dashboards you have created can be viewed by other users in the CRM if you share them. See Sharing Dashboards for further details.

Copying a Dashboard

To create a copy of your current Dashboard, click Tools > Make a Copy. Enter a name for the new Dashboard and click Save.

Exporting a Dashboard

To create a snapshot of your current Dashboard data for download, click Tools > Export Dashboard. Select the file type you require and click Export to initiate a file download.

Deleting a Dashboard

To completely delete a Dashboard, click Tools > Delete Dashboard. You are prompted to confirm the action. This cannot be undone.

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