Meeting Monitor Report

Meeting Monitor Report

The Meeting Monitor Report provides an automated way to keep track of how often you want to meet with clients, when you last met, and when the next meeting will be due.

Setting up the Meeting Monitor

The Meeting Monitor keeps track of the next time you are scheduled to meet with a client based on two data points in AdvisorEngine CRM:

  • Meeting Frequency: Within a Record, navigate to Profile > Engagement and set the Meeting Frequency drop-down to determine how often you want to meet with any particular client. To appear on the Meeting Monitor Report, a Record must have this field set.
  • Last Completed “Meeting” Action: The most recent completed Action on the Record with an Action Type of Meeting. The Action must have been marked as Action Required and be Completed.

For each Record with a Meeting Frequency set, the Meeting Monitor will look for the completed date of the last Meeting Action and then use the Meeting Frequency interval to calculate the date of the next needed meeting.

Each time you have a meeting with a client, be sure to create an Action with an Action Type of Meeting, a setting of Action Required, and mark it Completed on the date the meeting actually took place.

Viewing the Meeting Monitor Report

From the Record Workspace use the command bar to navigate to Reports > Meeting Monitor.

The Meeting Monitor Report functions like most other Grids in AE CRM, with a few special features.

Special Fields

  • Last Meeting: The Completed Date of the last Action with a type of Meeting.
  • Next Due: Calculated automatically by adding the Meeting Frequency interval to the date of the Last Meeting.
  • Next Scheduled: If an incomplete Action with an Action Type of Meeting is currently on the Record, the Due Date for the Action will show here.
  • Meeting Frequency: As set in Profile > Engagement and used to calculate the Next Due field from the Last Meeting.
  • Overdue: Marked if the Next Scheduled or Next Due date has passed.

Display Options

  • Show All Meetings: Displays all the Meetings for your clients with a Meeting Frequency set.
  • Show Only Overdue Meetings: Shows the Meetings that are Overdue
  • Show Meetings Due Within X Days: Shows the Meetings that are Due within a specified number of days.

Export Options

You can export the report Grid to Excel with the standard Grid feature, or you can use Print as Report in the upper right to generate a printable version of the results.

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