Formatting Your Logo for Reports

Formatting Your Logo for Reports

When adding your logo to customize the appearance of AdvisorEngine CRM reports, the logo image must be formatted correctly to appear properly on your printed reports. The following guidelines will help you format your logo correctly.

The Aspect Ratio

In order to display correctly in the final reports, images uploaded as logos must have a 2:1 aspect ratio. This means the image must be twice as wide as it is tall and not look distorted. If your original logo image is not 2:1, you must add padding to the appropriate sides until it fits the aspect requirements.

For example, here is an original logo:


This image has a resolution of 473x296, which equates to about 1.6:1 aspect. Not quite wide enough. Because the height is 296, we need it to be double that wide, or 592. Since our image is 473px wide and we need to get to 592px, so we need to add 119 pixels of padding, or about 60px to each side. Doing so results in a logo looking like this:


Note that we have changed the image by adding white space on either side. Simply stretching the image to the size we need will not produce the correct results:

This would be the wrong way to fix a logo:


Once your logo is formatted correctly, you can use Report Customization to upload it to AE CRM for use in your printed reports.

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