Customizing the Appearance of Reports

Customizing the Appearance of Reports

The Report Customization panel allows you to change various static features of printed AdvisorEngine CRM reports, such as the location and image for your Firm Logo, the font settings, page numbers, and your Firm Title.

Customizing Report Appearance

To access the Report Customization panel, navigate to Settings > Firm Profile > Firm Preferences, enable Edit mode, and click Setup on the Report Customization line.

The following settings are available:

  • Header Style Name: Choose the overall style of the report header.
  • Show Firm Logo: Enable or disable the display of the Logo image.
  • Font: Choose the default report Font.
  • Logo Location: Choose the location for the Logo across the top of the report.
  • Top Blank Space: How many lines of space from the top of the page before the Header starts.
  • Firm Title Location: Choose the location for your Firm Title (set in Firm Profile under Firm Name) to display on the top of the report.
  • Page Number Location: Choose the location of the report page number at the bottom of the page.
  • Show Page Number: Enable or disable the display of page numbers on reports.
  • Show Firm Title: Enable or disable the display of the Firm Title on reports.
  • Select Firm Logo: Upload (or remove) the image of your firm logo. See Formatting Your Logo for Reports for more details.

Be sure to Save changes when you are finished.

You can see the effects of the changes by clicking Preview at the bottom of the dialog before closing.

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