Report Assistant

Report Assistant

The Report Assistant allows you to run PDF or Excel Reports for the firm from one of the five major categories of AdvisorEngine CRM data: Actions, Assets, Insurance, Opportunities, or Records.

Reports are built on Advanced Searches. Advanced Searches allow you to specify the “who” you want to report on; the Report Assistant allows you to specify the “what” you want to see about them. It is recommended to build the Advanced Search you want to report from first before starting with the Report Asssitant.

Running a Report

The Report Assistant can be launched from the Home Screen tile, the Site Navigation bar, or the Reports menu from most Workspaces.

  1. Select the category that you want to report on and click Next.
  2. If you have previously run a report and saved its configuration, you can select it here. Otherwise click Build new report and click Next.
  3. Specify the group to be reported on and click Next:
    • To report on all entries in the category selected in Step 1, select <Select All XXXXXXX> (where XXXXXXX is the category you selected in Step 1) from the Select a Category drop-down.
    • If you have an Advanced Search already created to report on, select it from the Category and Select an Advanced Search drop-downs. If you selected a saved report in Step 2, this will be pre-selected for you.
    • If you do not have an Advanced Search prepared, you can click New Advanced Search to be taken to the Advanced Search tool. When finished you will be returned to this step.
  4. Specify the formatting of the report output and click Next. Again, if you loaded a saved Report, these options will be pre-selected for you.
    • Select the output format: Portrait, Landscape, or Export to Excel.
    • Select fields and the order you want to include them in the report. Double click a field on the left or use Add > to move it to the right column to be included in the report. The number of fields you can select may be limited by your output format choice above.
  5. Your final report results are displayed in a Grid.
    • If you selected Portrait or Landscape output, you can click Generate as PDF Report to open/download your final report. (You may have to enable pop-ups to receive the report.)
    • Tip! To customize the logo and other features of the output report, see Customizing the Appearance of Reports.
    • To export the results to Excel, use the Export to Excel command on the right side of the Grid.
    • To save the settings of this Report for later use, select a Category, enter a Report Name, and click Save. Only the settings are saved, the contents of the report are refreshed from the selected Advanced Search each time it is run.
    • Note: The Report Name will also appear on the header of your report if you generate a PDF.

Once you have exported and/or saved the results to your satisfaction, you may navigate away from the page however you like.

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