Pre-built Reports Overview

Pre-built Reports Overview

AdvisorEngine CRM contains a number of pre-built reports that can be run to view relevant data. The content of many of these reports can be customized by the Records selected or the parameters specified in the report itself.

Access these reports from the Reports drop-down on the command bar in each of the various Workspaces or in the Record Detail view. Certain reports are only available in specific areas.


A printer-friendly listing of selected Actions with all details and notes. Available from the Actions Workspace. Individual Actions and Workflows may also be printed from the Summary view of any Workflow.


See a listing of all beneficiaries on the selected Records. Available from the Record Workspace.

Birthday List

A listing of all birthdays for the selected Month that have the Birthday List option selected in the Person's Basic Info. Accessible from the Record Workspace.

Contact Information

A listing of all contact information (email, phone, addresses) for the selected Records. Can be run from the Record Workspace on multiple Records or from Record Details for the current Record.

Email Address

See a listing of all email addresses for selected Records. This report will identify which is the Primary for the Record and for each Person on the Record as well as all alternate addresses and which addresses are considered Add'l. Available from the Record Workspace.

Email History

Print a chronological history of all captured emails between a specified date range for selected Records, including the body of the emails. Available from the Record Detail view of a Record.

Last Contact (by Action Type)

A very flexible report allowing you to see which selected Records have not had an Action of a particular type or types applied to the Record since a specified timeframe. For example, you could find Records that have not had a phone call in the last 30 days, or Records that have not had a meeting in the last year. Available from the Record Workspace.

Phone Number

See a listing of all phone numbers for selected Records. This report will list each phone number for the Record, the owner, and the type, as well as which number is marked Primary for the owner. Available from the Record Workspace.

Record Summary (aka Comprehensive Client Summary)

A customizable printer-friendly report of the details of a Record. At a minimum this report will include basic person details, service level, record alert, all assigned team members, and all contact information. Available from the Record Detail view of a Record. See Printing Records for full details on this report.


View a listing of all referrals your firm has received through the selected Records, by date range specified. Additional details, such as AUM, contact information, or date became client can be specified for the referral listing. Can be run from the Record Workspace on multiple Records or from Record Details for the current Record. Available from the Record Workspace.

Revenue Report

See a listing of revenue logged in AE CRM based on selected parameters. This report may be customized to show only selected revenue types and over a selected date range.

Tax and Suitability

See Tax data for the selected years and certain engagement details to determine client suitability.

Time on Actions

This report can be run in one of four ways to see how time is spent at your firm. To return accurate data, the time spent must be consistently entered on each Action. Time on Actions must be run from the Actions or Record Workspace and can be run in the following ways:

  • By Action Type
  • By Employee
  • By Record
  • By Record with Notes

Opportunity Reports

The Opportunity Workspace has its own set of pre-built reports specifically for Opportunities. See Opportunity Reports for more information.

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