Uploading Documents

Uploading Documents

In addition to storing documents created within the system, AdvisorEngine CRM can also store documents uploaded to a Record for archiving and future reference.

Documents must be associated with a Record and therefore stored in a Record’s folder structure.

If you are uploading a replacement for a file already in AE CRM because you needed to make changes to the file, follow the directions in Editing Stored Documents instead.

To upload a document, determine the Record that the document will belong to and access the Record’s document workspace. This may be done within the Record’s Document section or by searching for the Record within the Global Document Workspace. See Document Workspace Overview for more information.

You can begin an upload in one of two ways:

  • Drag and Drop: Grab a file from your PC and drag it into the file list in the CRM. Release it over the list to open the File Properties dialog.
  • Upload Document Button: Click Upload Document above the document list to open the File Properties dialog. Click Select File and browse your PC for the file to upload.
Total document storage space in AE CRM is currently unlimited. However, the limit on any one single file is 25MB per file. Additionally, for security purposes, certain file types cannot be uploaded.

Once you have the File Properties dialog open and the file selected, complete the upload by filling in the rest of the information:

  • Folder: Select the folder within the Record to store the file. Files may be moved around folders in the Record but not between Records.
  • Description: An internal-use short description of the file contents to provide information on the file without needing to open it.
  • Created By: An automatically populated field that shows the User who added the file to AE CRM. Can be edited if needed.
  • Type: The type of file stored.
  • Tags: Much like Record or Action Tags, you can add Tags to documents for easy searching and retrieval later.

When you have all the appropriate data entered, click Save & Close to complete the upload.

You will now see the document in the list.

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