Creating New Documents

Creating New Documents

Creating a new document for a single Record from scratch may be started from a few different areas of AdvisorEngine CRM.

If you wish to create and add a document for multiple Records simultaneously, see Creating Mass Letters.

  • Go to the Document Workspace, search for the Record on the left, select the Record folder, and click Create Document.
  • Open a Record, navigate to Documents > AdvisorEngine CRM Documents and click Create Document.
  • Open an Action in Edit mode and click More > Create Document. (This will link the new document to the Action automatically.)

The online Document Editor will open. Create your document with the appropriate content.

Once you are finished with your Document, click Merge and Save to populate any merge fields you used and open the Document Properties dialog.

Be sure to fill in the details accurately and consistently.

  • Folder: Select the folder within the Record to store the file or create a new folder.
  • File Name: The actual name of your file.
  • Description: An internal-use short description of the file contents to provide information on the file without needing to open it.
  • Created By: An automatically populated field that shows the User who added the file to AE CRM. Can be edited if needed.
  • Type: The type of file stored.
  • Tags: Much like Record or Action Tags, you can add Tags to documents for easy searching and retrieval later.

When all the information is complete, click Save and Close Editor to store the completed document in the CRM. You will be returned to where you began.

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