Common and Helpful Merge Fields Glossary

Common and Helpful Merge Fields Glossary

Confused about what some of the merge fields available in the CRM Document Editor are? Not sure what is available to use? This glossary below will define some of the more common and popular fields available, showing you where from your data they will pull to allow you to personalize your correspondence for each recipient just how you want.

Tip! AE CRM features a special merge field for inserting the current date and/or time into your final merged document. See Inserting the Current Date or Time into Merged Documents for full details.


These fields allow you to personally address your recipient. The name filled will be pulled from the Dear field of the Primary address for the Record, Person 1, or Person 2 respectively.


These special merge fields will pull together all the relevant data in an address entry to create a regular fully-formatted address. The data used will be the primary address for the Record, Person 1, or Person 2 respectively. See Address Parts below for which fields are pulled together to make a complete address entry.


These merge fields allow you to quickly pull in the names of team members responsible for handling a client, allowing you to address a letter from their primary advisor or introduce a client to the team members responsible for their care.


Similarly, if your firm has multiple branches and makes use of the Office feature in AE CRM, you can customize your correspondence to mention the office it came from.


These, among other similar fields, allow you to include personalized financial data for your client in your communication if you are using AE CRM to track this data.

Address Parts

The following fields are used to make up a complete Address entry when the Address_Mail_Add_XXXX merge fields are used as described above. Only the fields that actually have an entry are pulled together. If you need to make use of only one particular part of an address entry, these would be the fields you would use.

<<Address_City_Record>>, <<Address_State_Record>>

<<Address_City_Person_1>>, <<Address_State_Person_1>>

<<Address_City_Person_2>>, <<Address_State_Person_2>>

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