Sending Mass Emails

Sending Mass Emails

Note: Your email integration must be set up before this function is available. See Email and Calendar Setup for instructions on enabling this feature.

Select Recipients and Launch the Email Editor

  1. Navigate to the Records Workspace.
  2. Use the checkboxes to select the Records you wish to communicate with.
    • You can use Grid Features and Searches to create a recipient list, combined with the Select All feature to quickly communicate with a group having a common criteria.
  3. From the toolbar, choose Email > Email or Email > Email (Incl. Add'l Emails). A Grid of intended recipients will appear.
  4. Verify the intended recipients in the Grid. Click OK to proceed to drafting your email.
    • All recipients without a Record Primary email address will automatically be removed and flagged for your attention.
    • Recipients with the No Mail box checked will not be automatically deselected, but the column will be visible if you wish to deselect the recipient manually.

Users of the Microsoft 365 Outlook Online Add-in will have Outlook open in a new tab for them to Draft and send the email through Outlook. All other users will continue below to the CRM Correspondence Editor.

The Correspondence Assistant - Email editor will load in AE CRM’s online Document Editor. If you have an email signature configured, it will be pre-filled in the email body.

Email vs Email (Incl. Add'l Emails): Selecting Email will send a copy of the message to the Record Primary address from each Record selected. Selecting Email (Incl. Add'l Emails) will perform the same function but also include all other email addresses on the Record with the Add'l checkbox selected. See Contact Info Overview for more information on this function.

Using the Email Editor

The email editor carries over all the functions of AE CRM’s standard online Document Editor, with some features added specifically for email. A feature of the document editor unique to sending a mass email:

  • Upload File: Attach a file to the email from your local PC. The file will be stored in the Record’s attachments document folder after the email is sent.
  • Upload Email Signature: Use this button to change your default Email Signature in AE CRM and apply it to the current email.
  • Insert Signature: Use this button to insert your email signature at the current cursor position.

If you are unfamiliar with the standard features of the online Document Editor, please review the documentation on its advanced features, including pasting content, using merge fields, and loading templates.

Note: If you have an Email Signature set up, opting to load a Template will remove the signature and load only the content of the Template. Use the Insert Signature button to add your signature to the appropriate location within the document.

Sending a Mass Email

  1. Draft the content of your email, including the subject line and any attachments.
  2. When your email is entirely prepared, click Next.
  3. An Action will be created on each Record and the email attached to the Action:
    1. In the Add Action to Records Using drop-down, select the Action Template to use for the created Action. Only Active, single-step Workflow Templates can be used. (If you want this template to pre-populate for emails, select the Default checkbox.)
    2. If any additional detail is needed, click Edit Action to enter more information about this email in the Action.
    Warning! Be careful which settings you select for the Action you create. Adding an Action with Action Required will create a pending Actions for each recipient.
  4. Decide whether to create a Recipient List, and name the list appropriately if so. Note that the email will not appear in Correspondence History unless this option is selected.
  5. Select the folder the merged email will be stored on each recipient’s Record.
    • It is recommended to also populate the Description, Type, and Tags to provide context for the communication in the future.
  6. Click Merge & Save to save the Action, fill any merge fields, and send the email.

You will receive a System Alert when the email send is complete. The system alert will contain a download link to your recipient list if you chose to create one.

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