Adding Calendar Appointments

Adding Calendar Appointments

To use Calendar features, your Calendar must first be Added to AdvisorEngine.

It is possible to add events to your linked calendar without leaving AdvisorEngine CRM.

  1. Click Calendar on the Site Navigation bar from any location in AE CRM.
  2. Click a date in the Calendar that you want to schedule an appointment (you can also click on any empty space and choose the date for the event in the window that follows).
  3. Fill out the text boxes with the appropriate information.
    • The All Day box will checked by default. To set a specific time, uncheck the All Day box and make the necessary changes.
    • To create an automatically recurring appointment, click on the Recurring checkbox and enter the appropriate recurrence pattern.
  4. Click on Save when finished.

You will now see the Appointment is added to your Calendar.

You can also link Appointments to Actions. See Linking Calendar Appointments to Actions for further details.

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