Google: Preparing Your Calendar

Google: Preparing Your Calendar

Google does not allow the syncing of your primary default Google Calendar with AdvisorEngine CRM. All other calendars you create for your Google account do not have this restriction. In order to use Google Calendars with AE CRM, you will need to create and “move” to a secondary calendar through the following process:

  1. Create a new, secondary calendar in Google to hold your appointments.
  2. Make a backup of all the events on your current primary Google calendar.
  3. Load the backup into the new calendar.
  4. Remove the events from the original calendar to avoid duplication/confusion.
  5. Connect the new calendar within AE CRM.

Appropriate Google support for each step is linked below.

Create a New Calendar for Syncing

Create a New Calendar

Follow the steps under “Set up a new calendar”.

Back Up Current Calendar to File

Export your Google calendar

Follow the steps under “Export events from one calendar” and export your primary Google calendar.

Load the Backup File to the New Calendar

Import events to Google Calendar

Using the backup you made in the last step, follow the steps under “Step 2: Import events into Google Calendar” and select the new calendar you have created as the destination calendar.

Verify that all events have correctly copied to the new, secondary calendar before proceeding with the next step.

Delete Appointments from Original Calendar

Delete or unsubscribe from a calendar

Follow the steps under “Delete a calendar > Delete all events in your primary calendar”.

Though technically optional, skipping this step could result in confusion as to which calendar you are using and mistakenly adding events to the wrong calendar or missing an event by checking the wrong calendar.

Connect the New Calendar with AE CRM

You’re now ready to view the new calendar within your CRM. Refer to Adding Your Calendar to AdvisorEngine CRM for details.

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