Adding Your Calendar to AdvisorEngine CRM

Adding Your Calendar to AdvisorEngine CRM

Note: Firm and User Setup for email integration must be configured before you can proceed with Calendar setup. See Email and Calendar Setup.
Google Users: The default user calendar in Google cannot be synced with AE CRM. See Google: Preparing Your Calendar for steps on how to move your appointments from the default calendar to a calendar that can by synced.

Adding your Calendar to AE CRM

  1. Navigate to User Profile > User Preferences and click Edit to begin making changes.
  2. Click Setup on the Calendar Setup line. The Calendar Setup window opens.
  3. Click + ADD to begin adding a new Calendar.
  4. Select an available calendar from the Calendar drop-down.
  5. Set a Time Zone and set a name for the calendar in AE CRM as needed.
  6. Click Add at the end of the line to commit the new calendar. Repeat steps 3-6 for any additional calendars.
  7. Click Ok to close the Calendar Setup window.
  8. Click Save in the upper right to commit your changes.

After saving, navigate to any other CRM page or refresh your browser window to see Calendar appear in the Site Navigation bar.

You may now take advantage of the following calendar features in AE CRM:

Tip: Need to see a co-worker’s calendar in your CRM? See Sharing Calendars in AdvisorEngine CRM.
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