Microsoft 365: Email Capture Overview and Setup

Microsoft 365: Email Capture Overview and Setup

Once the Microsoft 365 integration is Set up for your User, you can begin capturing emails to AdvisorEngine CRM.

When an email is captured, a stored copy of the email and any attachments are placed in the matching CRM Record. The emails will be located in the Email section of the Record details.

Additionally, Actions can be created with each captured email and linked to the email. See Adding Actions with Captured Emails below for more details.

All settings defined here are per-user only.

Automatic Capture

You can enable Automatic Email Capturing the Microsoft 365 Configuration dialog. This can be accessed manually from User Profile > User Preferences by clicking Edit > Setup for Microsoft 365 Configuration.

When enabled, the Microsoft 365 email capture integration will automatically scan your Outlook inbox and sent folders for emails matching specific criteria (defined below) and capture any matches.

The standard requirements for an email to be captured are:

  • The email must exist in the inbox or sent items folder and not have been moved before capture.
  • The From address for a received email or the To address for a sent email must match a contact email address on a CRM Record or Person.
  • The Record matched must have a Classification of Client or Email.

You can override the default behavior and adjust how some emails are automatically captured by setting up Inbox Routing Rules.

You can still capture and assign emails manually if you do not wish to use automatic email capture or if automatic capture does not match correctly. See Manual Email Capture and Management for more information.

Caution: For security reasons, emails sent or received encrypted by Microsoft Outlook cannot be captured in a decrypted state.

Adding Actions with Captured Emails

If you want an Action to be created for each captured email, select the Add Action box in the Microsoft 365 Configuration dialog.

Note: You must enable the Automatic Email Capture option to adjust this option. You do not need to leave Automatic Email Capturing enabled after adjusting this setting if you so desire. This will allow you to manually capture emails with Actions created. See Manual Email Capture and Management for more details.

Select the Action (Workflow) Templates to use for sent and received emails. The Templates selected must be an active, single-step Workflow Templates. Each email captured will create an Action from the selected Template. If the option is set in your Firm Preferences, the Action Subject will have the email subject automatically appended to it for easy identification.

When captured, the email itself is modified with a small code appended to the end of the message that helps AE CRM identify that the email has been captured and which Action it was attached to. This is also used in keeping emails in a reply chain together when captured. See Reply Chain Captures below.

Reply Chain Captures

Each email captured with an Action associated has a routing code appended to the email body to identify its capture location. This code will generally persist through replies allowing AE CRM to route and capture all email in a conversation to the same Action automatically. Reply chain captures will override Inbox Forwarding Rules or capture criteria defined above, but not any Inbox Blocking Rules.

Note: Some email clients will remove this code unintentionally and replies from clients will need to be manually managed onto the appropriate Action if you wish to keep them together.
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