Outlook Add-in: Adding the ActionID Column

Outlook Add-in: Adding the ActionID Column

Caution! The steps below are provided as a courtesy to AdvisorEngine CRM users, but document Microsoft Outlook functionality and are subject to change without AE’s knowledge. Please refer to Microsoft Support for the latest steps and help on adding custom columns to your mailbox views.

You have the ability to add a column in your Outlook mailbox that will show the ActionID of captured emails. With this, you can know at a glance if a particular email has been captured into an Action inside AE CRM and what the corresponding ActionID is.

  1. Right click on any blank space below the Outlook Add-in Toolbar to bring up the context menu.
  2. Click View Settings from the menu.
  3. In the Advanced View Settings pop-up, click Columns.
  4. In the Select Available Columns From drop-down menu, choose User-defined fields in Inbox.
  5. In the Available Columns box, select the JX#####ID column (the exact number will be unique to you).
  6. Click Add ->.
  7. Use the Move Up or Move Down buttons to order the new column if desired.
  8. Click OK to commit your changes.
  9. Click OK from the Advanced View Settings to be taken back to the Outlook inbox window.

You can see the column for the JXID displayed. You can now easily scan your inbox to see what has been captured and what has not.

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